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Sale! Quiet Shuttle System
Quiet Shuttle System
$139.99 $99.99

This replaces the traditional buffer spring in the AR platform, and is designed to be…

223 55gr Soft Point
223 55gr Soft Point

Many folks have asked about an alternative to FMJ ammo, since some ranges don't like…

9mm remanufactured brass
9mm remanufactured brass

1000 pieces, bulk packaged, reconditioned 9mm Luger Brass. Cleaned / Stripped of all lead residue…

6″ Suppressor
6″ Suppressor

6" suppressor, titanium shroud, titanium monocore, and includes a titanium muzzle brake. 11 oz suppressor weight. 23…

Sale! 9mm Low Recoil Ammo (1000 rounds)
9mm Low Recoil Ammo (1000 rounds)
$259.80 $219.00

This is low recoil ammo, smooth shooting on the range. 800 FPS muzzle velocity. 147gr…

Titanium Muzzle Brake

Titanium muzzle brake or direct mount adapter for CapArms suppressors.

380 Ammo
380 Superior Range Ammo

.380 Auto 100gr. FN FPS = 938 Sold in 50 round boxes

Gift Card

Gift Card, for your CapArms needs! Configurable for whatever amount you'd like to purchase online.

Sale! Armor Plate
Level III+ Body Armor (Plate Only)
$99.00 $95.00

This is a single plate of Level III+ Body Armor. 10x13 plate. NIJ Level III+ will…

308 168gr
308 168gr A-Max Target Ammo

.308 — 168 grain Hornady A-Max— New Brass Muzzle Velocity: 2705 FPS Sold in 50 rounds per…