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With the experience that comes from breaching and clearing thousands of structures and with input for numerous Law Enforcement Officers we saw a need for a better law enforcement rifle. This is not your standard issue squad carried AR. Our Law Enforcement Entry Rifle (L.E.E.R.) is optimized for the rapid deployment and utilization that can be key to saving an officer's life. Smaller than an MP-5 but firing the formidable .300 Blackout we have created the ideal mating of form, function and lethality. Paired with some of the highest quality accessories on the market this rifle deploys faster, hits harder and speaks softer than any other law enforcement specific weapon being deployed.

  • .300 BLK
  • Full ballistic performance from an 8" barrel*
  • Better suppressed performance
  • Over 220% more kinetic energy transfer on target**
  • Smaller overall length than an MP-5 means faster deployment from a squad car and more maneuverability in urban environments
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Competition Optimized

We have built many competition guns over the years for both beginner and advanced competitors. Having a rifle or pistol that functions every time as well as feels like an extension of your body is a critical component to performing your best.

We offer a variety of rifles, pistols and shotguns that can be built to your standards and specifications. please call or email our shop in order to speak with someone about building your next firearm.

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* Unlike the .223/5.56mm cartridges that are designed to shoot a slow burning powder in an 18" or longer barrel our 300 BLK cartridge is designed using a faster burning powder and reaches full velocity in just 8.4". This means there is no ballistic loss when utilizing the 300 BLK in an Short Barreled Rifle vs. substantial ballistic loss from the .223/5.56mm in a Short Barreled Rifle.

** 300 BLK with a 220 gr. HPBT subsonic load vs. .223 Rem with a 69gr HPBT standard load (Testing conducted through 8" barrels with pistol length gas systems) 300 BLK with a 110 gr. HP standard load vs. 9mm JHP Defensive load (testing conducted through 8" barrel with pistol length gas system vs. 9" Barrel blowback action)



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