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Recent Ammo Review


Ammo Review.
I have been shooting for 34 years and this
is some of the best shooting and most accurate ammunition I have ever shot. 9mm 147 Grain Match Grade and the .40 Cal 180 grain FMJ as Well as the Carry Duty XTP, Muzzle rise was minimal, Accuracy was right on target. There was no issue as far as feeding, firing or functioning.
Brass was nice and clean, no swelling or cracking of any kind.
Weapons were cleaner than expected very little if any cleaning was needed. There was no fouling of any kind and no build up.

.223 VMAX was DEAD on Recoil was less than expected, very little muzzle flash. Fired into a 12 Lb Ham to get the result of the impact, it was DEVASTATING. It completely shattered the bone and separate the meat into many, many pieces. Brass was nice clean and shiny no markings or swelling of any kind. THIS is the round to have for Hunting or Defense.
Accurate YES! Reliable YES! Deadly YES!!!!
I highly recommend CapArms to any shooter, no matter if in a Match, Hunting Defense or Plinking.

Awesome Ammunition!
Keep it up Guys!



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