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One of our New Cutomers Reviews!!


"You know, I've heard many people make product claims over the years and have kinda learned to take them with a grain of salt. When you showed me your carry weapon the other day, I was very interested in your powder claims, but I think justifiably just a little skeptical. Well, today you proved yourself to me in spades. I did a little comparison test at the range. Cleaned my PPQ till it sparkled and proceeded to fire all 150 rounds that I bought the other day. Broke the gun down, and couldn't believe how clean it was. Brushed a very minimal amount of carbon out of the slide and proceeded to fire 100 rounds of my own range loads. Once again broke the gun down, and while it was relatively clean, in comparison to your powder, the pistol was absolutely filthy. Not only is this the cleanest powder I have used to date (35 yrs reloading), the accuracy was phenominal. You have this powder in stock, yes? I would like to pick up a pound tomorrow if you guys will be around, and will require load data for both 9mm and 45acp. Next time I do this comparison I will take photographs. I am very impressed." 

- Jim



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