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Another Satisfied Customer

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Today, my impressions of CapArms ammo.

Several weeks ago, I was paid a visit by a husband and wife sales team as the local reps for a relatively new ammunition manufacturer. Chester and his wife represent CapArms and wanted to talk to me about their product line. By the time they left, I had several calibers of ammunition on the way for me to try out.

At the range on Saturday, we shot some 55gr match .223, some 147gr remanufactured 9mm and some 147gr match 9mm. The 9mm was run through multiple handguns and eaten up pretty quickly without issue. The .223 was what impressed me the most though.

Aside from the first 6 rounds to zero, every shot was suppressed. When we were complete with the 50rds of demo ammo, the bolt was still spotless. Those of you who shoot a direct impingement gun with a suppressor know what I’m talking about. The can forces all the garbage backwards and the bolt gets real nasty, real quick. Not with the CapArms ammo. Once we ran out of the good stuff, I dropped back to the surplus M855 rounds. Five rounds of that fixed that cleanliness problem. As stated in yesterday’s “review”, the groups were excellent and the rifle really loved the ammo.

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Ammo Review. I have been shooting for 34 years and this is some of the best shooting and most accurate ammunition I have ever shot. 9mm 147 Grain Match Grade and the .40 Cal 180 grain FMJ as Well as the Carry Duty XTP, Muzzle rise was minimal, Accuracy was right on target. There was no issue as far [...]

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Permit to Carry- Minnesota - ALL Woman's Class

September 26, 2015 we will be hosting our first ever ALL Woman's class for your permit to carry. We offer everything from ammunition, firearms, targets, and books. This is a great opportunity to learn basic firearms safety and basic home defense. Class starts at 8am and will go till about 230. Just one Saturday.... Cost [...]

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New Partnership/ Sponsor of CapArms Ammunition

check out our new partnership with Learning Firearms

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"You know, I've heard many people make product claims over the years and have kinda learned to take them with a grain of salt. When you showed me your carry weapon the other day, I was very interested in your powder claims, but I think justifiably just a little skeptical. Well, today you proved yourself [...]

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CapArms breaks ground on new Sibley facility

Owners of CapArms broke ground Monday on their new facility in Sibley, Iowa. The company will begin construction on the first phase of its new location today. Pictured with members of the business community and local government officials are owners (left to right, with shovels) Nate Rinehart, Clint Gerner and Chris McCann. Robin Baumgarn/Daily Globe

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